Meaning of any day in English:

any day


  • 1At any time or under any circumstances (used to express a strong opinion or preference)

    • ‘we could beat them any day’
    • ‘Me, I'd prefer to walk the streets of New York - any day of the week.’
    • ‘Give me a decent book over the TV any day of the week.’
    • ‘I would still take the heat and humidity over the cold any day of the week.’
    • ‘I like a lively house, with good debates, on any day of the week.’
    • ‘I'll choose a company with ideals they're trying to live up to over a business that's aiming for the status quo any day of the week.’
    • ‘And he could take me in a fight any day of the week.’
    • ‘I'd rather have the Rolling Stones any day of the week.’
    • ‘They're people you would welcome as neighbours any day of the week.’
    • ‘Your life experience is more important than a communications, engineering, medicine or arts degree any day of the week.’
    • ‘I would rather work in an office any day of the week, even an IT office, over caring for small kids.’
    • ‘I explained that such comparisons, if offered seriously in print, would lose a libel suit any day of the week.’
    • ‘What's more, if I was there, I'd back that attractive, young candidate any day of the week.’
    • ‘Regardless of the quality of the opposition three goals and 12 points is a fair score any day of the week.’
  • 2Very soon.

    • ‘she's expected to give birth any day now’
    • ‘Expect to see inquiries in Denmark, Poland and Spain any day soon.’
    • ‘The ticket for Bob should be arriving any day soon.’
    • ‘In fact, I think they will agree that any day will be too soon.’
    • ‘The August Issue of the Placebo Journal will be printed any day and mailed soon thereafter.’
    • ‘There are no signs of either of these events coming to pass any day soon, but he is adamant that they will.’
    • ‘The elephant is just short of her first birthday and is due to give birth any day!’
    • ‘Looks like I should expect a knock at the door from the police any day soon.’
    • ‘Though the first broadcast of the radio station is due any day, the recording studio has yet to be built.’
    • ‘The Republican convention is set to cruise into town any day.’