Meaning of any number of in English:

any number of

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  • 1Any particular whole quantity of.

    ‘the game can involve any number of players’
    • ‘It can involve any number of players and anything can be traded.’
    • ‘You can play a game any number of times, however, and the course will always be different.’
    • ‘Spite and Malice can easily be adapted for any number of players.’
    • ‘The lead player plays any number of matching cards, such as four Jacks.’
    • ‘Before play each player may exchange any number of cards from the hand with her face-up cards.’
    • ‘Players can bid any number of tricks - the bids may or may not add up to the total tricks available.’
    • ‘The player to the dealer's left may now discard any number of unwanted cards and replace them by drawing cards from the top of the talon.’
    • ‘To do this, pick any number of the ten and then after counting to three both players will put their bids at the Play Area at the same time.’
    1. 1.1A large and unlimited quantity or amount of.
      ‘the results can be read any number of ways’
      • ‘Coetzee presents a tensely connected web of longing that pulses with meaning and can be read at any number of levels.’
      • ‘The Associated Press is also covering the story, which can be read in any number of places.’
      • ‘It's insanely dense too, with each scene capable of being read in any number of ways.’
      • ‘It's Friday night and you have just arrived home after a tough day in any number of insanely boring classes.’
      • ‘That would do more to help ordinary Africans than any number of musical extravaganzas.’
      • ‘Of course, the killer irony is that smaller cars are better than big ones for any number of reasons.’
      • ‘You are much more at risk for heart attack and hypertension and diabetes and any number of things.’
      • ‘Instead, it can be used to support any number of contrary interpretations.’
      • ‘This is just one of the many times I and friends have been on a frightening, white knuckle ride with any number of taxi firms in this country.’
      • ‘We've been past the hotel any number of times on our way through Ballater, and have always thought that we ought to try a stay there some time.’