Meaning of any old in English:

any old

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  • Any item of a specified type (used to show that no particular individual is in question)

    ‘any old room would have done’
    • ‘It's so simple that any old sailor and any old journalist can litigate it in less than two minutes.’
    • ‘This wasn't just any old fad, though, but one which has dominated western eating habits for almost the last eight years.’
    • ‘People are saying they don't want any old tat, they want to find quality and they want to find a bargain, that is special and unique.’
    • ‘My teachers would buy any old excuse for why I couldn't be at school.’
    • ‘Don't be ridiculous, I scolded, you're just trying to think up any old excuse so you can get up from the computer.’
    • ‘But the press cannot seriously claim to be acting as public watchdog when it publishes any old rubbish.’
    • ‘Over the weekend however, I hope I was able to show that any old hack can get in a bus and go up the mountain for a few days.’
    • ‘Just feeding it into any old shredder will do just fine.’
    • ‘I decided last year that I wasn't going to go on applying for just any old office job just because I need the money.’
    • ‘Acting is a refined craft that takes years to perfect and isn't something that can just be knocked out by any old Joe Schmoe.’