Meaning of any time in English:

any time

(also anytime)

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  • At whatever time.

    ‘she can come any time’
    • ‘I am writing to complain about people who light bonfires any time, day or night.’
    • ‘The centre presented Heather with a gold card allowing her to visit any time.’
    • ‘Kevin Hayes stood in front of Cusack any time he tried to take a quick puck-out.’
    • ‘The club has a library with a gymnasium where anyone can walk in any time to relax and unwind.’
    • ‘Contestants can make their move any time, with sneaky surprise a distinct advantage.’
    • ‘A full-back by the name of Larus Sigurdsson flattened him any time he went near the ball.’
    • ‘Gerald's new life is a testament to his independence, but he is able to return home any time he wishes.’
    • ‘It's been scary knowing they were on the loose and could strike again, any time.’
    • ‘They also freeze quite well so you can pull them out of your freezer and enjoy them any time.’
    • ‘Federal registration could be granted anytime.’