Meaning of anybody in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɛnɪˌbɒdi/

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  • Any person or people; anyone.

    ‘there wasn't anybody around’
    • ‘Belfast are the strongest by far but, apart from them, anybody can beat anyone else.’
    • ‘We know that on our day we can beat anybody, but the league is so competitive any one of the top six teams can go on to win it.’
    • ‘I could see the whole thing from the bookshop, and I didn't see anybody stop to help.’
    • ‘When you get home, you don't want to see anybody, talk to anybody or do anything.’
    • ‘Make something amazing that will really blow the mind of anybody who sees it.’
    • ‘Hardly anybody but jazz buffs knows about the tenor saxophonist Wardell Gray any more.’
    • ‘Anyway I was wondering if anybody ever actually saw any of these films and if so what where they like.’
    • ‘On that point we agree, and so must anybody who has any interest in the topic.’
    • ‘She is a horrible person and why anybody likes her or, gods forbid, admires her is beyond me.’
    • ‘Statistics show the probability of an attack on myself or anybody else to be extremely remote.’
    • ‘Most of this was mindless violence, not directed at anything or anybody in particular.’
    • ‘I'm looking to see if there is anybody up there who can open the door to his office for me.’
    • ‘He's a guy who has to work hard at his game and he's an example to anybody playing the game.’
    • ‘He was asked if he saw anybody throwing anything from the barricade or from the crowd at the barricade.’
    • ‘It will not result in anybody being sacked - there might be some formal ticking offs.’
    • ‘Their next stage is to interview shopkeepers or anybody involved in the retail industry.’
    • ‘In fact, she won't be voting for anybody because she is not even on the electoral register.’
    • ‘York police recommend that if you spot anybody suspicious you should call them.’
    • ‘We were together for six years and I don't think anybody will replace him in my affections.’
    • ‘You know there are people who cheat, but you just go out there to be the best you can be and not worry about anybody else.’
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    be anybody's
    • (of a person) be highly susceptible to casual sexual advances.