Meaning of anyhoo in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɛnɪhuː/


  • Anyhow; anyway (used to indicate a change of subject or a return to a previous subject after a digression or interruption)

    • ‘anyhoo, I think we're all taking ourselves far too seriously today’
    • ‘anyhoo, to get to the point’
    • ‘Anyhoo, most of my workings are very subtle.’
    • ‘Anyhoo, I think I might be having an identity crisis.’
    • ‘Oh well, this blog was gettin' too many hits anyhoo.’
    • ‘I think having seen the film does add an extra spooky frisson to the album, but I'm sure I'd dig it anyhoo.’
    • ‘Anyhoo, before rambling on I will answer the questions that have been posed (to the best of my ability!).’
    • ‘So anyhoo; this here CD is worth definitely worth a listen or two!’
    • ‘Thanks for replying, anyhoo.’
    • ‘Anyhoo that's my view - like I said the debate will go on, but you can't please all of the people all of the time.’
    • ‘Not that it's going to matter me for another 3 months, anyhoo, as i've just got a pretty good job.’
    • ‘Anyhoo, I'm quite pleased with myself regardless.’


1920s representing a regional or informal pronunciation of anyhow.