Meaning of Anytown in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɛnɪtaʊn/


(also Anytown USA)
  • A real or fictional place regarded as being typical of a small US town.

    ‘a basketball arena straight out of a high school in Anytown, USA’
    • ‘Supermarkets stand accused of committing grievous bodily harm to the social and economic fabric of British life, turning urban centres into ghost towns or undifferentiated Anytowns.’
    • ‘It's debatable whether the proliferation of these chain stores turns places like Farmington or Lock Haven into homogenous Anytowns.’
    • ‘Most recently, as the city underwent an economic boom fueled by the stock market and the Internet, rock and roll has turned into a headless beast; its home turf the garages and basements of suburban Anytowns across the country.’
    • ‘Lots of filmmakers who work in the Hollywood mainstream pay lip service to such warm and fuzzy concepts as ‘family’ and ‘roots,’ but often the nuclear families they show us live in pristine, sun - dappled suburban Anytowns.’
    • ‘This little grocery store reminds me of a small town market that could be in Anytown, USA.’