Meaning of ao dai in English:

ao dai

Pronunciation /ˈaʊ ˌdʌɪ/

nounao dais

  • A Vietnamese woman's long-sleeved tunic with ankle-length panels at front and back, worn over trousers.

    ‘Garbed in the traditional ao dai, young Vietnamese women seem to epitomise the charm and grace of Hue.’
    • ‘A special type of Vietnamese women's gown is the ao dai.’
    • ‘The ao dai consists of a long mandarin-collared shirt that extends to the calves, slit at both sides to the waist.’
    • ‘A young guy wearing glasses was at the front explaining the pageant history, its celebration of the ao dai.’
    • ‘She climbed onto the Honda, minding her ao dai, and wrapped her arms around his waist.’