Meaning of Aotearoa New Zealand in English:

Aotearoa New Zealand


mass noun
  • A bilingual name for New Zealand, symbolizing the country's bicultural foundations.

    ‘the treaty was enshrined into a written constitution for Aotearoa New Zealand’
    • ‘Sadly at the end of the year few issues pertaining to poverty in Aotearoa New Zealand had been addressed.’
    • ‘A single piece of legislation never exists in isolation from the tapestry of law that undergirds life in Aotearoa New Zealand.’
    • ‘But his brand of economics is by, for and about a Western culture, which is only one facet of Aotearoa New Zealand.’
    • ‘It could make a difference for men and women in Aotearoa New Zealand.’
    • ‘Because this Government is positive about developing all people in Aotearoa New Zealand, under the leadership of our Prime Minister.’
    • ‘We have to stop seeing education as a cost, and understand that it is an investment in the future of Aotearoa New Zealand.’
    • ‘Such commissions provide us with the opportunity to identify key aspects of our lives here in Aotearoa New Zealand that we do not ever want to see neglected or allowed to fall into disrepair.’
    • ‘Its vision is to make Aotearoa New Zealand a great place for children - one where we look after one another.’
    • ‘The foreshore/seabed litigation was a magnificent opportunity to acknowledge that the tikanga Maori stream of law does have status alongside English law in the common law of Aotearoa New Zealand.’
    • ‘If you are interested in genealogy or the early history of Canterbury, go to the Aotearoa New Zealand Centre at Christchurch City Libraries.’