Meaning of aoudad in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɑːʊdad/


another term for Barbary sheep
‘I became interested in exotic animals - things such as orangutans and Barbary sheep, or aoudads.’
  • ‘They also enjoyed the scimitar-horned oryx, axis deer, fallow deer, sika deer, blackbuck antelope, eland, Corsican rams and their various cousins, aoudad, impala, bison and many more species calling the Rio Bonito home.’
  • ‘Hunting for meat and hides has severely decreased the natural populations of aoudads in the Sahara.’
  • ‘The only wild sheep from their native land in Africa, the aoudad stands about 40 inches at the shoulder.’
  • ‘One of our favorite outfitters in Texas offers aoudad hunts at a great price near his home in West Texas.’
  • ‘Also known as Barbary sheep, aoudads are horned sheep that exist primarily in the mountains of Africa.’
  • ‘Like other desert dwellers, the aoudad is most active in the cooler hours of dawn and dusk.’
  • ‘Among the biggest fans of aoudads are serious sheep hunters who travel the world to hunt wild sheep, Steinkruger says.’
  • ‘Although they can generally obtain all needed moisture from their food, if water is available aoudad drink and wallow liberally.’
  • ‘If you prefer a day visit, drive 10 miles through the preserve, stopping for close encounters of the animal kind as giraffes and aoudads approach to see if you've brought alfalfa pellets.’
  • ‘There are exotic animals from throughout the world, such as aoudads and yaks.’
  • ‘When threatened, the aoudad stands motionless and is concealed by its tawny brown coat, which blends with the surrounding rocks.’
  • ‘The aoudad is native to the desert mountains in the Sahara region of northern Africa.’
  • ‘A door opens at stage left, and four small aoudads, delicately horned mountain sheep from North Africa, spring into the auction cage.’
  • ‘Other species include the Japanese Sika deer, North European fallow deer, water buffalo, llamas, aoudads, ostriches, Sardinian donkeys and pigmy goats.’
  • ‘Look for herds of zebra, tahr goats, aoudads and elk roaming the hill of the Hearst Estate - a reminder of the days when Mr. Hearst assembled the largest private zoo in the world.’
  • ‘Also known as Barbary sheep because they are native to the mountainous region of the Barbary Coast in North Africa, aoudads can clear a six-and-a-half-foot barrier from a standing start.’
  • ‘We have various breeds of monkeys, buffalo, colorful parrots, zebra, aoudads, camels, ostrich, alligator, and much more.’
  • ‘Introduced to western Texas and southern New Mexico in the 1940s, aoudads are now so populous that it is feared that their presence may threaten the native desert bighorn sheep.’
  • ‘Bustards are hunted for food and sport, as are the aoudads.’


Early 19th century from French, from Berber udād.