Meaning of apartment building in English:

apartment building


(also apartment block)
  • A block of apartments.

    ‘My house was the only apartment building in that block, and we lived on the sixth floor.’
    • ‘Rachel didn't say anything else as we walked the few blocks to my apartment building.’
    • ‘A landmark apartment building may be built on the site of the Empress pub in the heart of Bradford city centre.’
    • ‘He said the proposed apartment block would tower above the neighbouring houses.’
    • ‘When I walk to my apartment building from the station, I take a short-cut through an alley.’
    • ‘From the outside, the apartment block has that distinctly pre-fabricated look to it.’
    • ‘Before long she had talked him into coming to her home, a small apartment house across the street from the saloon.’
    • ‘Residents of the apartment block were allowed to check their apartments over the weekend.’
    • ‘When police arrived at the apartment block, the criminal was still inside the building.’
    • ‘About two blocks from where we're staying, a new apartment block is under construction.’
    • ‘They could make further savings by renting out their parking space to another resident in the apartment block.’
    • ‘The apartment house had been torn down and a large more imposing building had taken its place.’
    • ‘Parish councillors in Burnley have fallen out with their borough colleagues at the town hall over plans to build an apartment block.’
    • ‘He decided to invest in residential property last year, buying an apartment block, and he has plans for more.’
    • ‘Controversial plans to demolish five traditional homes to make way for a huge apartment block in a village near York are set to be thrown out.’
    • ‘They walked a few more blocks down and stopped in front of the familiar apartment building.’
    • ‘She lived in an apartment house and it had a back hall door and there were cement steps there, and I used to sit on the steps and read to this little group of children that would come.’
    • ‘She bribed the concierge of his apartment building to keep his whereabouts secret.’
    • ‘A brand new doormat appeared at the front door of our apartment building a short time ago.’
    • ‘How odd, I thought, and went to look out the front to see if they were stopping at our apartment building.’