Meaning of apartness in English:


Pronunciation /əˈpɑːtnəs/


mass noun
  • 1The state of two or more people or things being separated in time or space.

    ‘their geographical apartness accentuated the otherness of their sound’
    • ‘If we didn't subscribe to such misguided notions as our apartness from nature, we wouldn't be able to rationalize our present actions.’
    • ‘Trauma was identified as a key impact of separation, further exacerbated by ongoing mother-child apartness.’
    • ‘We were taking some of the images Isabelle found and separating the individuals within the image to show that apartness.’
    • ‘At last I realise that it's our apartness that is creating the quality of our togetherness.’
    • ‘In a way this year has gone so quickly, but our apartness has lengthened it so much.’
    • ‘She was acutely aware of her mother's apartness, which culminated in a move to the States when she was 10.’
    • ‘The geographical apartness of people was a contributing factor in the provincialism of medieval thought.’
    • ‘Because of their apartness from their own communities, they looked forward eagerly to the yearly meetings where as many Brethren as could would attend.’
    • ‘Teenagers have overrun the living room, kitchen and den, driving their parents into the last bastion of apartness - the fortress bedroom.’
    • ‘They face the far reaching apartness from their country of origin due to the human rights abuses that they needed to flee.’
    1. 1.1The state of not being close emotionally.
      ‘national togetherness will shroud our apartness’
      • ‘They were guests of the Jaipur royals during their famous visit to India in 1992 when the world realised their growing apartness.’
      • ‘I wonder if my remoteness, my apartness, is frustrating to him.’
      • ‘I maintained my apartness from other people.’
      • ‘There remained a sense of apartness from my mother.’
      • ‘We had a chat about our growing apartness.’
  • 2The state of being isolated or at a distance from the main body.

    ‘people for whom apartness and solitude are sources of spiritual strength’
    • ‘the facelessness of the big city world and its apartness’
    • ‘ It was possibly a sense of loneliness - or rather apartness - that compelled him to set down these reflections on his life.’
    • ‘The awful apartness fills me with panic, vertigo, anguish beyond reason when I contemplate it.’
    • ‘Here, aloneness and apartness allows one access to the heart.’
    • ‘I think it was this isolation, and apartness, that drove this project.’
    • ‘He described an inborn sense of deep solitude and apartness.’
    1. 2.1The quality of being different or distinct from other people or things; individuality.
      ‘an event that emphasizes difference and apartness’
      • ‘a sense of exotic apartness from the cultural mainstream’
      • ‘The French nobility is conscious of its apartness to this day.’
      • ‘She seemed an outsider in a way that seemed to complement my own sense of apartness.’
      • ‘He has an apartness and an erudition that is easy to cast as aloofness.’
      • ‘Throughout the film, the director makes a point of reinforcing Alonzo's apartness from other cops.’
      • ‘Adolescence causes the four girls to understand their apartness and question their identities.’
      • ‘There was an aura about them, an apartness, a stoic dignity.’
      • ‘The very earliest of the big-screen superheroes were marked out by their apartness.’
      • ‘Drawn together by an apartness they recognized in each other, they let their creativity soar.’
      • ‘We need what we wear to both signal our belonging and highlight our apartness, to emphasize our individuality.’
      • ‘Texas enjoys the singular blessing that every distinct culture must have: a sense of its own apartness.’
      • ‘To emphasize my apartness from these ballerinas, I disfigured my body into unpleasant shapes.’
      • ‘As a schoolgirl, the young Rosa could sense her apartness from her classmates.’