Meaning of Apennine in English:


Pronunciation /ˈapɪnʌɪn/


(also Appenine)
  • 1Chiefly with the. The extensive mountain range running the length of the Italian peninsula.

  • 2Astronomy
    More fully "Lunar Apennines". With the. A prominent mountain range in the northern region of the moon's near side, along the southern edge of the Mare Imbrium.


(also Appenine)
  • 1Of or relating to the Apennines in Italy; originating from or found in the Apennines.

  • 2Archaeology
    Designating or relating to an Italian Bronze Age culture characterized by dark burnished pottery.

    Artefacts of this culture are often found in mountainous regions.

  • 3Astronomy
    Designating, relating to, or originating from the Lunar Apennines.


Late Middle English; earliest use found in Geoffrey Chaucer (c1340–1400), poet and administrator. From classical Latin Āpennīnus (also Appennīnus) the Apennine mountains, (adjective) of, or originating in the Apennine mountains (probably a derivative from the Celtic base of Old Welsh, Welsh pen head, headland, mountain top).