Meaning of aperiodic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌeɪpɪərɪˈɒdɪk/


  • 1 technical Not periodic; irregular.

    ‘aperiodic fluctuations’
    • ‘The activation of the pair-rule genes by the gap genes results in the transformation of the embryonic pattern along the antero-posterior axis from an aperiodic regionalization to a periodic one.’
    • ‘With respect to the former, suggested population dynamics of cannibals include a variety of regimes such as equilibrium, periodic cycles, aperiodic cycles, and chaotic dynamics.’
    • ‘Partial aperiodic reinforcement, for example, evokes a rather more persistent response than one might expect, though Skinner would scoff at interpreting such persistence as hope springing eternal.’
    • ‘It was a very near facsimile of an aperiodic pattern he had created twenty years ago.’
    • ‘Although the tiling is mainly periodic, a few tiles have been placed differently from the others, wrecking the periodicity; the whole tiling is aperiodic.’
    • ‘By extracting information from noisy, aperiodic and intermittent signals, wavelet transforms are making an impact in medicine, astronomy, imaging and beyond’
    • ‘In describing this ‘Australasia’ as marked by an impoverished geology and the aperiodic occurrence of el ninos, Flannery tells a morality tale about what happens when life forms exceed the limits of their environment.’
    irregular, uneven, varying, variable, erratic, jerky, unreliable, volatile, spasmodic, sporadic, changeable, changing, fluctuating, wavering, vacillating, inconstant, intermittent, fitful, desultory, occasional, unsystematic
    1. 1.1Physics Denoting a potentially oscillating or vibrating system (such as an instrument with a pointer) that is damped to prevent oscillation or vibration.
      • ‘Aperiodic damping is obtained by means of an aluminium vane.’