Meaning of aphonia in English:


Pronunciation /eɪˈfəʊnɪə/

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(also aphony)
mass nounMedicine
  • Inability to speak through disease of or damage to the larynx or mouth.

    Compare with aphasia

    ‘Hoarseness and aphonia are common as well as a low-grade fever.’
    • ‘Some more affected children will have hoarseness, aphonia, and inspiratory retractions that are severe enough to cause chest wall deformity.’
    • ‘This case report describes a patient who has throat discomfort and aphonia as atypical observations of laryngeal dystonia.’
    • ‘Although she recognized the surgery as successful, the aphonia of her daughter was annoying to the mother.’


Late 17th century modern Latin, from Greek aphōnia, from aphōnos ‘voiceless’, from a- ‘without’ + phōnē ‘voice’.