Meaning of aphorist in English:



See aphorism

‘Among the elite of aphorists are Samuel Johnson, Oscar Wilde, and Gore Vidal.’
  • ‘As an aphorist, Cullen is hard to beat and his supple and punning use of text puts the lie to the whole unthinking bad boy concept.’
  • ‘In truth, a great many of the aphorists sound as though they sweated too hard to come up with their punchlines.’
  • ‘For such as me, Kierkegaard the humorist - or novelist, or aphorist, or ironist - possesses an unquestioned eminence, whereas Kierkegaard the philosopher - or theologian, or pietist, or polemicist - cuts a far more equivocal figure.’
  • ‘He was at best merely an aphorist, and at worst an opportunist who used selective silence as a means of self-promotion.’