Meaning of apodous in English:


Pronunciation /ˈapədəs/


  • Without feet or having only rudimentary feet.

    ‘Firstly, all apodous squamates have ribs starting on or before the fourth vertebra.’
    • ‘The larvae are eruciform and apodous meaning they look like a caterpillar with no legs.’
    • ‘Should the two insects, however, hereafter prove to be equally apodous in the second stage, the character will become generically important.’
    • ‘They present a region composed of apodous segments in the posterior portion, before the telson, called the growth zone, which develops new segments and new pairs of legs at every molt.’
    • ‘The larva is apodous and feeds on the flower head, fruits, seeds, stem or roots.’


Early 19th century from Greek apous, apod- ‘footless’ (from a- ‘without’ + pous, pod- ‘foot’) + -ous.