Meaning of apologetics in English:


Pronunciation /əpɒləˈdʒɛtɪks/

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plural noun

treated as singular or plural
  • Reasoned arguments or writings in justification of something, typically a theory or religious doctrine.

    ‘free market apologetics’
    • ‘I can't read Lewis now; I devoured him as a young man, as a young priest, I loved his kind of argumentative certainties, his apologetics; can't stand it now.’
    • ‘The methods of apologetics outlined above - natural theology and history - are primarily scientific.’
    • ‘Various forms of theistic apologetics serve this function (among others).’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the issues he addresses and his treatment of them have important implications for Christian thinkers in other domains such as theology, apologetics, and public policy.’
    • ‘He demonstrates this by taking up two topics often seen as points of divergence and conflict: apologetics and biblical exegesis.’
    • ‘Uninterested in apologetics and theodicy, Carroll is nonetheless obsessed with the God she finds in the natural world.’
    • ‘Thirdly, and despite all the religious apologetics that I mentioned in the beginning, the humanitarian relief effort I think has been remarkably free of sectarian division.’
    • ‘But it's astounding that a man who specializes in supposedly scientific apologetics, makes fundamental errors with even high-school level genetics.’
    • ‘To speak too much as though faith were the result of a process of reasoning is a hazard built into apologetics.’
    • ‘During the same period he also taught apologetics, church history, and patristics in the Bergamo seminary and had to survive a brief and unjust accusation of sympathy with Modernists.’
    • ‘Even unapologetic apologetics can distort the content of the theology.’
    • ‘The husband is a convert, obsessed by apologetics, church history, and doctrine - something of a pious cold fish.’
    • ‘This is not Catholic or Christian apologetics, but serious and sophisticated scholarship.’
    • ‘Another reason for commending the book is that it represents the first major response by competent Christian scholars to the new challenge of more scholarly Mormon apologetics.’
    • ‘Perhaps Dostoyevsky owes his unique brand of confrontational apologetics to this messy faith.’
    • ‘The editor of this collection of essays contends that the standard works in seminary apologetics have become dated in light of contemporary developments in analytical philosophy.’
    • ‘Now it is out of such apologies for the foundations of Christian belief that the science of apologetics has taken form.’


Mid 18th century from apologetic.