Meaning of apols in English:


Pronunciation /əˈpɒlz/

plural noun

informal British
  • Apologies.

    • ‘apols to those who have read this before’
    • ‘Here's the text from the inside page (apols for capitals).’
    • ‘Apols, I should have stated in my earlier message the location of my info.’
    • ‘Apols to all those to whom I said exactly the same thing a couple of days ago.’
    • ‘Here's a taster (apols for the length, but they don't half go on a lot).’
    • ‘Also, apols if I came across as snarky in my previous post - I probably wasn't at my most constructively critical there.’
    • ‘Ok, apols if this is the sort of thing that gets discussed a lot here, I don't come in much.’
    • ‘Apols if this isn't formatted properly, the highlighting is mine.’
    • ‘Please accept my apols for accusing you of hysteria.’
    • ‘Apols to anyone out there still waiting for updates.’
    • ‘Apols if I'm being petulant, but I'm still cross with him for blocking me on Twitter.’
    • ‘My last comment applies more to the other article - apols.’
    expression of regret, one's regrets


1980s abbreviation.