Meaning of apolune in English:


Pronunciation /ˈapə(ʊ)luːn/


mass noun
  • The point at which a spacecraft in lunar orbit is furthest from the moon.

    The opposite of perilune

    ‘This paper investigates the least maneuver velocity through the tolerable apolune and other lunar orbit elements.’
    • ‘The spacecraft consists of an orbiter which goes around the Moon at about 100 km altitude near a polar orbit, and a relay satellite on an elliptical orbit with initial apolune at 2,400 km.’
    • ‘However, to be useful, the apolune must be located at one of the orbital nodes.’
    • ‘The perilune slowly decreased to about 300 km and the apolune increased to about 3000 km, while the argument of perilune drifted around the south pole.’
    • ‘Having an apolune closer to the Moon would increase the efficiency for lunar mapping at higher resolutions than carried out by the Clementine and Lunar Prospector probes.’


1960s from apo- + Latin luna ‘moon’, on the pattern of apogee.