Meaning of apomictic in English:




See apomixis

‘Maternal apomictic embryos develop from a somatic cell within the ovule or from an unreduced embryo sac derived from the megaspore mother cell (diplospory).’
  • ‘The results show that early fertilization leads to the formation of apomictic embryos while fertilization at anthesis favours the formation of sexually derived embryos.’
  • ‘Furthermore, apomictic reproduction has been found in most polyploid Corollinae species, which, if transferred to cultivated beet, has the potential to improve the fixation of desired genotypes in breeding programmes.’
  • ‘They are all native to the subtropical and temperate regions of South America, and sexual diploids and apomictic polyploids are known for almost all of them.’
  • ‘In a highly inbred or apomictic group, every individual would be a species according to the biological species concept.’
  • ‘However, this seems unlikely since, as far as we know, no apomictic taxa of Primulaceae have been detected.’
  • ‘This primary function of pollen is a constraint that suffices to explain why apomictic grasses make pollen.’
  • ‘The resulting hybrids often are apomictic and locally distributed.’
  • ‘Parthenogenetic weevils are apomictic.’
  • ‘Expression of four oleopollenin genes in eight individuals of the predominantly apomictic species Boechera holboellii.’
  • ‘First, like many other members of the rose family (including apples), it is apomictic.’
  • ‘A major scientific goal in the last decade has been to isolate genes specifically expressed in apomictic genotypes.’
  • ‘Such plants are very rare in other apomictic plant species.’
  • ‘However, some tetraploid lines are facultatively apomictic and an individual plant may set seed both apomictically and sexually.’
  • ‘The gene(s) controlling apomictic reproduction in Tripsacum have been assigned to the long arm of chromosome 16.’