Meaning of apophyseal in English:


Pronunciation /ˌapəˈfɪsɪəl/


See apophysis

‘Additionally, there is some evidence to suggest that gymnastics may induce changes in the anterior and middle columns (Schmorl's nodes, apophyseal ring abnormalities, and vertebral wedging) that are not necessarily symptomatic.’
  • ‘As water is the main component of the disc, loss of fluid leads to a fall in disc height and abnormal loading of other spinal structures such as the apophyseal joints.’
  • ‘Adolescents and young adults are at particular risk for various apophyseal and epiphyseal injuries due to lack of ossification of these cartilaginous growth plates.’
  • ‘Radiography of the pelvis showed a non-union of the left ischial tuberosity, with marked displacement of the apophyseal fragment.’
  • ‘Manual therapy procedures may include joint mobilization directed toward the apophyseal joints or costotransverse joints.’