Meaning of aposematism in English:




See aposematic

‘Thus, although aposematism is common (96% of armed plants), it is not present in all physically armed plants even in closely related taxa (S. Lev-Yadun, pers. comm.).’
  • ‘The present study was originally carried out to compare the larval bioluminescence of L. noctiluca with the color of light-emitting diodes that were used to mimic larval glows in experiments on bioluminescent aposematism.’
  • ‘Hypothesized forces selecting for coloration in sponges include aposematism (warning coloration), as has been shown in a variety of marine and terrestrial organisms, and photoprotection.’
  • ‘The coupling of these attributes suggests that there is adaptive value to protection against predation by being less visually apparent, chemically defended, or for larger animals, by aposematism.’
  • ‘The field and herbarium study permitted us to document aposematism in the native and naturalized vascular flora of the region.’