Meaning of Apostle spoon in English:

Apostle spoon


  • A teaspoon with the figure of an Apostle or saint on the handle.

    ‘These surprisingly modern - looking Apostle spoons were made in 1536 and are part of gorgeous Gothic Art for England 1400-1547 until 18 January.’
    • ‘After the Christening he returns to the house to present the child with the traditional gift of Apostle spoons.’
    • ‘A complete set of twelve silver Apostle spoons was indeed a very valuable gift.’
    • ‘A full set of Apostle spoons will consist of thirteen spoons, usually silver, with a small figure of Jesus or one of the twelve apostles at the end of each stem.’
    • ‘He said that this is like saying that if I love and appreciate my neighbor's Apostle teaspoons and he doesn't, then they really are mine.’
    • ‘Frequently she would not verbally accuse me but as I took my place at the tea table the signal of my coming punishment was there, for on those occasions no Apostle teaspoon graced my saucer and no meal passed my lips.’
    • ‘Still, as talismans of gentle birth, Apostle spoons were an exquisite beginning to a surfeit of flatware, which, by 1911, yielded services of 138 individual pieces per place setting, from pea spoons to asparagus tongs.’
    • ‘A collection of 8 Apostle spoons, consisting of a variety of styles and types, there are three which have typical Art Nouveau styling which show the apostle with a closed book and 5 with slightly longer handles that show the apostle with an open book.’
    • ‘The distribution map of the apostle spoons reveals that they are from the coastal areas of the southern and particularly western Finland, but on closer examination a more complicated pattern emerges.’
    • ‘This silver spoon has the shape of an Apostle spoon, with an human figure on the stem's finial and a skeleton on the base.’