Meaning of apostlebird in English:




  • 1A gregarious Australian bird of the mud-nester family, with grey, brown, and black plumage and a robust black bill.

    Struthidea cinerea, family Corcoracidae (or Grallinidae)

    ‘In another paper accepted for publication in the same journal, he and colleagues from the University of Melbourne, Australia, studied apostlebirds, Struthidea cinerea.’
    • ‘One need go no further than the verandah of your Canvas Cabin to see scaly-breasted and rainbow lorikeets, king parrots, scrub turkeys, kookaburras, currawongs squatter pigeons and apostlebirds.’
    • ‘This family also contains birds as varied as the quail-thrushes, sittellas, choughs, apostlebirds, shrike-tits, bellbirds, whistlers, shrike-thrushes, birds-of paradise, butcherbirds, magpies, currawongs, woodswallows, orioles, cuckoo-shrikes, trillers, fantails, monarchs, magpie-larks, and others.’
    1. 1.1Australian Any of a number of other gregarious birds, especially babblers.


Early 20th century named from the supposed habit of these birds of going about in flocks of twelve.