Meaning of apothem in English:


Pronunciation /ˈapəθɛm/


  • A line from the centre of a regular polygon at right angles to any of its sides.

    ‘Given a circle, the apothem is the perpendicular distance from the midpoint of a chord to the circle's center.’
    • ‘Once the perimeter and the apothem are known, the formula relating the two to area can be used to solve for the area.’
    • ‘For a polygon of n sides, there are n possible apothems, all the same length of course.’
    • ‘We can find the apothem from the side length and the number of sides.’
    • ‘In a regular polygon, we have an apothem, a number and a length of sides which do not belong to the base class shape.’


Late 19th century from Greek apotithenai ‘put aside, deposit’, from apo ‘away’ + tithenai ‘to place’.