Meaning of apparat in English:


Pronunciation /ˌapəˈrɑːt/


mainly historical in singular
  • The administrative system of a communist party, especially in a communist country.

    ‘But, even when staffed by people with little or no experience in the Communist Party apparat or Soviet state, the new executive institutions bore the unmistakable stamp of the Soviet epoch, and even of the tsarist period.’
    • ‘There is no need of a monolithic party if the effective apparat is in general agreement, makes the same assumptions.’
    • ‘Thus it became accepted practice for the party apparat to direct particular members to particular tasks, to appoint and dismiss, without discussion or appeal.’
    • ‘Below the commissariats a huge bureaucratic apparat had developed which in 1941 employed eight times more officials than in 1913.’
    • ‘When Soviet communism fell, nobody beyond a handful of military and apparat raised a hand to retrieve it.’


Russian, from German, literally ‘apparatus’.