Meaning of apparent wind in English:

apparent wind


  • The wind as it is experienced on board a moving sailing vessel, as a result of the combined effects of the true wind and the boat's speed.

    ‘Using the apparent wind of their moving kite, an experienced rider can travel up to 30% faster than the actual wind speed.’
    • ‘The narrow shroud base allows for eight degree sheeting angles and, with proper sails and trim, she should be able to sail to within 38 to 40 degrees of the apparent wind without difficulty.’
    • ‘With the factory supplied 150% genoa and fully battened mainsail, she will point to within 40 degrees of the apparent wind and the wide beam and the low center of gravity of the fin and bulb keel result in a stiff boat.’
    • ‘However, in 10 knots of true wind, she should make an honest six knots pointing to within 32 to 34 degrees of the apparent wind.’