Meaning of appellate in English:


Pronunciation /əˈpɛlət/


  • (especially of a court) concerned with or dealing with applications for decisions to be reversed.

    ‘courts of appellate jurisdiction’
    • ‘That question has not been determined by any ultimate appellate court in any common law country.’
    • ‘It may be, of course, that the person seeking the intervention of the appellate court will be acquitted.’
    • ‘The Ohio intermediate appellate court ordered a new trial on the issue of damages.’
    • ‘New disputes have arisen following the decisions in the trial and appellate courts.’
    • ‘It is highly usual for an appellate court to get involved in a lawsuit before there is a final judgment in a trial.’


Late Middle English (originally in the sense ‘appealed against, accused’): from Latin appellatus ‘appealed against’, from the verb appellare (see appeal). The current sense dates from the mid 18th century.