Meaning of appellation contrôlée in English:

appellation contrôlée


(also appellation d'origine)
  • A description awarded to French wine guaranteeing that it was produced in the region specified, using vines and production methods which satisfy the regulating body.

    ‘Morocco has its own appellation system modelled on the French appellation contrôlée and called Appellation d' Origine Garantie, or AOG.’
    • ‘A Provisional Regulatory Board was commissioned to draw up the regulation of the appellation contrôlée in this order.’
    • ‘The words appellation contrôlée on the label will therefore guarantee that the wine is of the highest quality.’
    • ‘Vacqueyras red wines, like the neighboring Gigondas, also advanced to appellation contrôlée in the early 70's.’


appellation contrôlée

/apəˌlasjɒ̃ kənˈtrɒleɪ/ /apɛlasjɔ̃ kɔ̃tʀole/


French, literally ‘controlled appellation’.