Meaning of appellee in English:



mainly US Law
  • The defending party in a case taken to a higher court.

    ‘Indeed, appellees conceded as much at oral argument.’
    • ‘On Tuesday, a panel of the Third Circuit reversed and remanded an order of a district court judge who had simply copied verbatim the appellee's proposed opinion in the case.’
    • ‘The appellees in the case asked the Supreme Court to dismiss the case without a ruling, considering the fact that all African American tenants had moved from the premises.’
    • ‘The appellee had listed on his 1879 balance sheet receivables with a value of $22,821.39; however, no provision had been made for a loss.’
    • ‘Of course, appellants did more than receive and peruse the copies of the documents taken from appellee's files; they published excerpts from them in the national press.’



/apəˈliː/ /əˌpɛˈliː/


Mid 16th century from French appelé, past participle of appeler ‘call’. from Latin appellare ‘to address’ (see appeal).