Meaning of appetizing in English:


Pronunciation /ˈapɪtʌɪzɪŋ/

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(also British appetising)
  • Stimulating one's appetite.

    ‘the appetizing aroma of sizzling bacon’
    • ‘The smoky haze and appetizing aroma from barbecues greets visitors as they are ushered onto rooftops for a taste of a range of sizzlers, steaks and grills.’
    • ‘I gave them a miss since my feet were being led by my nostrils, which could sniff the appetising aroma of Chinese food, at a stall nearby.’
    • ‘What attracted them were the appetising aromas of traditional Chinese food in the evening air.’
    • ‘The fragrance of roasted meat drifts into your nostrils, appetizing and mouthwatering.’
    • ‘Rice, a staple at mealtimes, is very nutritious, but of course it can get a little boring if we don't work with our rice to turn out appetising and delicious dishes.’
    • ‘Those ubiquitous south Indian dishes could be made more appetising and delicious if they made ragi and green gram were used as the main ingredients.’
    • ‘Lovely delicious appetising tea and sandwiches were served.’
    • ‘The appetizing aroma of waffles and bacon wafted up from the kitchen down the small stairwell of their split-level house.’
    • ‘The secret, according to some customers, is the addition of mince radish, which gives the tzongtze a unique and appetizing aroma.’
    • ‘They reached the backdoor and Hanna and Eric walked inside, the appetizing aroma of baking floating in the air.’
    • ‘There were so many appetizing choices, Nikki said, she couldn't decide which one to order.’
    • ‘Only the crisp skin was appetizing, while the fish lacked the aroma of the wine.’
    • ‘Some appetizing soups follow to create more place for tasty fare ahead.’
    • ‘Well, I will admit that a concoction made of potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, swede turnips, onions and oatmeal is not very appetizing.’
    • ‘The Waffle Cone Sundae, mixed with a topping of your choice and decorated with fresh whipped cream, is a nice appetizing dessert.’
    • ‘It is biodegradable and not appetizing to mice and insects, which is a problem for packaging made from corn and potatoes.’
    • ‘The food on the hot counter looked about as appetizing as a row of sun-dried cow pats.’
    • ‘By all means make it look appetising, but do not overdo the plate-decorating, nor feel you have to emulate restaurants, and stack everything up like the leaning tower of Pisa.’
    • ‘Meat which has been condemned finds its way back into the food chain and ends up as burgers or chicken nuggets - no doubt appetising to youngsters but potentially a danger to their health.’
    • ‘But a pile of mashed-up food may not look particularly appetising, so Marc is looking at ways of presenting the food reformed, shaped and more enticing.’
    mouth-watering, inviting, tempting
    appealing, attractive, inviting, enticing, alluring, tempting, seductive, enchanting, beguiling
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Mid 17th century from French appétissant, irregular formation from appétit (see appetite).