Meaning of applaudable in English:


Pronunciation /əˈplɔːdəb(ə)l/


  • (of an action, idea, or aim) deserving praise and commendation.

    ‘the efforts by the students were applaudable’
    • ‘applaudable moral values’
    • ‘Director Jo Ward maintained her faith in her cast and performances all round were applaudable as, indeed, was Jo's choice of play and her patience.’
    • ‘The applaudable philosophy is that flexibility is king.’
    • ‘"I just hope that in our effort to clean up some of the worst practices we don't completely overreact and try and clamp down on perfectly normal and applaudable reporting," he said today.’
    • ‘All the same, having an applaudable body is something Berry is obviously aware of, and comfortable with.’
    • ‘However, while applaudable efforts have been recorded, there are still outstanding challenges that demand our concerted efforts to address with particular reference to rural development and human capital formation.’
    • ‘Whatever happened to the applaudable moral values you upheld in the classic scathing satirical attack on corporate mentality and economic imperialism?’
    • ‘It highlights the applaudable actions by the government in revoking 29 licenses to foreign super trawlers earlier this year, while exposing the urgency and the need for the establishment of sustainable fisheries policies in Senegal.’
    • ‘Excellent burgers, sides, beer, ambiance, energy level, desserts, service, crowd – everything is applaudable!’
    • ‘She has apologised to her fans over the furore about her apparent decision to wear fur, branding their concern regarding animal pelts "fair and applaudable".’
    • ‘Their generosity with a minimum of paperwork is applaudable.’