Meaning of apple-pie bed in English:

apple-pie bed


  • A bed which, as a practical joke, has been made with one of the sheets folded back on itself so that a person's legs cannot be stretched out.

    ‘An apple-pie bed is nothing; pinches, kicks, boxed ears, twisted arms, pulled hair, ghosts at night, inky books, befouled photographs, amount to very little by themselves.’
    • ‘Afterwards, the Middles go to bed but play tricks, such as apple-pie beds, on the Seniors.’
    • ‘And, while making apple-pie beds doubtless never occurred to anyone, here, at least, was a place with a strong sense of community.’
    • ‘A clever conjurer is welcome anywhere, and those of us whose powers of entertainment are limited to the setting of booby-traps or the arranging of apple-pie beds must view with envy the much greater tribute of laughter and applause which is the lot of the prestidigitator with some natural gift for legerdemain.’
    • ‘It was a sportive era, and the Prince took delight in ‘spirited battles with soda syphons, apple-pie beds, leaking hot-water bottles,’ and ‘an inkpot over a door which emptied its contents on [the Duke of Marlborough's] head.’’
    • ‘Fat Charlie's father, of course, had elevated this to an art form, and he rejoiced in it, just as he rejoiced in practical jokes, from the simple - Fat Charlie would never forget the first time he had climbed into an apple-pie bed - to the unimaginably complex.’
    • ‘The highlight appeared to have been visiting their father on the ship he commanded during the First World War, where the officers made pets of his two young daughters. ‘We made them all apple-pie beds,’ Granny's mother reported.’
    • ‘He had chosen (or somebody else had chosen) that corpulent old simpleton as a person peculiarly fitted to fall down trapdoors, to shoot over butter slides, to struggle with apple-pie beds, to be tipped out of carts and dipped into horse-ponds.’
    • ‘There is a bonus explanation here, as this also accounts for apple-pie bed, an old practical joke in which the bed linen was folded short.’
    • ‘The couple who have through the course of the main action been experimenting with alternative, less conventional pleasures are finally (due to the demands of the forms of comedy) robbed of the perverse riotous possibilities suggested by the apple-pie bed and are instead subdued to the orderly pleasures of the marriage bed.’