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apple butter

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mass nounNorth American
  • A paste of spiced stewed apple used as a spread or condiment.

    ‘Spoon the celery apple butter around the dish and garnish with a popcorn shoot.’
    • ‘I shipped off a jar of homemade apple butter, and he sent back two kinds of pink sea salt, from Hawaii and from the Himalayas, and a jar of hazelnut spread from Le Pain Quotidien.’
    • ‘In the half-hour that followed, he got himself around two and a half servings of pumpkin soufflé and some plain yogurt topped with apple butter.’
    • ‘With two locations in the greater-Atlanta area (Midtown and Grant Park), the restaurant is a favorite breakfast eatery among locals who crave their signature feathery biscuits and apple butter.’
    • ‘The balance goes for processing, some sold wholesale for organic cider and some custom-processed into apple butter for direct sale.’
    • ‘A stack of old-fashioned ginger pancakes with Dutch apple butter and a side of thick, salty bacon will power you through a morning there.’
    • ‘He suggests having two slices of sprouted-wheat or whole-grain bread with 2 tablespoons of apple butter, plus 8 ounces of calcium-fortified orange juice or 8 ounces of nonfat milk, and more water.’
    • ‘Ian, who had been piling his plate high with banana fritters when his sister and his friend had walked into the room, continued to lurk next to the sideboard, adding far too much apple butter to his plate while he waited for them to approach.’
    • ‘Put the best in perforated bags in the fridge, and turn all the rest into that apple butter you never quite got around to making over the holidays.’
    • ‘If you'd like to send the Fronteersmen a nice new saddle or a pint of apple butter or a picture of a hairy Buffalo you can use the information below.’
    • ‘Then I tried unsweetened apple butter, which is thicker than applesauce.’
    • ‘I sweetened the crust with a combination of stevia and apple butter.’
    • ‘They've never said the word love in their lives, except about apple butter, the way their mother made it.’
    • ‘For example, some apples are best for drying, storing, or making apple butter.’
    • ‘When you come back here each May, you know, and May is just around the corner, and I apologize we don't have any apple butter over on our buffet this evening, but that's always a staple of the month of May.’
    • ‘She is giving away two jars of her homemade apple butter.’
    • ‘It was that time of year when the apples were ripe and everyone was making their apple butter.’
    • ‘The apple butter looks interesting to you, does it?’