Meaning of apple core in English:

apple core

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  • The tough central part of an apple, containing the seeds.

    ‘he tossed his apple core into someone's garden’
    • ‘empty lager cans and rotting apple cores’
    • ‘He sent in a photo of himself proudly holding an apple tree sapling that grew from a discarded apple core in his garden.’
    • ‘Never throw apple cores or other food scraps from your car.’
    • ‘Last Monday I came in to find a mouldy orange and an apple core from the previous Friday deposited on my desk.’
    • ‘Use a small knife and spoon to scoop out the apple cores, leaving the base of the apples intact.’
    • ‘She picked up a half-eaten apple core by the stalk, then dropped it disgustedly into a corner.’
    • ‘Dad clears my bag out when I get home because sometimes I leave apple cores in it.’
    • ‘The crowd was vocal in its disapproval, responding with hoots, catcalls and a hail of empty bottles, apple cores and other missiles.’
    • ‘Sam threw her apple core in the garbage and headed back to her bedroom.’
    • ‘If just one guy throws his apple core into the recycling basket, that one bit of contamination can undermine the entire collection process.’
    • ‘Some species will be attracted to roadsides if they smell fast-food containers, apple cores, candy wrappers, soda bottles, and the like.’