Meaning of apples and pears in English:

apples and pears


rhyming slang British
  • Stairs.

    ‘he hasn't made it up those apples and pears in ten years’
    • ‘Does the Greater London Assembly issue directives on disabled access and suggest fitting elevators to replace apples and pears?’
    • ‘Thus the trouble and strife would walk down the apples and pears and along the frog and toad to use the public dog and bone.’
    • ‘If you would care to accompany me up the apples and pears I think I have what you are looking for.’
    • ‘He actually said ‘I fell down the apples and pears’ in the newspaper report.’
    • ‘I'll watch that one before climbing the apples and pears!’
    • ‘I’d better go down the ‘apples and pears’ and put the kettle on to make some tea.’