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Pronunciation /əˈplʌɪd/

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  • (of a subject of study) put to practical use as opposed to being theoretical.

    Compare with pure

    ‘applied chemistry’
    • ‘The results of this study have both applied and theoretical implications.’
    • ‘Academic councils devoted to the applied sciences and practical studies also tended to be better funded.’
    • ‘Factions within the party were hostile to antiquated academic privileges and promoted new forms of applied scientific research and practice.’
    • ‘The book is weaker in the chapters in which the authors examine the applied issues of legal pluralism.’
    • ‘Aside from econometrics, most women appear to do research in applied rather than theoretical issues.’
    • ‘Decision making has been a classic topic of academic research and applied practice.’
    • ‘We work on a mixture of applied and wacky theoretical stuff.’
    • ‘This hands-on learning experience was a first for the senior-level applied native studies class.’
    • ‘One of its conclusions was that there was at present a continued need for animal experiments both in applied research and research aimed purely at extending knowledge.’
    • ‘This is a fair and thorough study that makes a significant contribution to applied Christian ethics and practical theology.’
    • ‘The overall goal was to introduce the students to both oral and written presentations of applied chemistry research.’
    • ‘The way that speculation is discussed has generated a substantial literature in applied language study, with two important manifestations.’
    • ‘Other than for applied studies in a limited set of fields, research receives little attention or funding.’
    • ‘The program offers applied research experience that emerges from the student's professional environment.’
    • ‘Science and environmental studies support it, and applied health studies made course evaluations available to students this term.’
    • ‘The math, engineering, applied health studies and science faculties will be the primary beneficiaries of the funding.’
    • ‘Set in place an early commitment to modernisation of agricultural practice by way of applied science.’
    • ‘He practised an applied moral and social philosophy in his attitude towards technology.’
    • ‘Extruding twice was done only to increase the concentration of food waste in the final mixture and is not recommended as an applied practice.’
    • ‘It aims to promote basic and applied research in the medical sciences and biotechnology in Scotland.’
    empirical, hands-on, pragmatic, real, actual, active, applied, experiential, experimental, non-theoretical, in the field