Meaning of appliqué in English:


Pronunciation /əˈpliːkeɪ/

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mass noun
  • Ornamental needlework in which pieces of fabric are sewn or stuck on to a larger piece to form a picture or pattern.

    as modifier ‘appliqué table linen’
    • ‘The sharp points are fine enough for lace, cutwork, appliqué, tailoring and hand needlework.’
    • ‘Throughout 2004 appliqué and embroidery on clothes and fabrics will be much stronger and more extravagant, yet remain dignified.’
    • ‘The islands are known for a textile art called tivaevae, practiced by women, which combines appliqué and embroidery.’
    • ‘The trick is to first create the hooped embroidery appliqué on a water-soluble stabilizer.’
    • ‘The craft day includes classes in appliqué without stitching; 3D decoupage; parchment paper craft; basketry and painting on slate.’
    • ‘The bags are hand-stitched, some with hand-made appliqué or contemporary embroidery and the finish is extremely professional.’
    • ‘For the Indian collection, Ayesha has used appliqué, embroidery and bold prints.’
    • ‘From Sumatra comes an Acchenes ceremonial hanging in cotton, wool and silk effortlessly integrating into its local weave, zari, sequin, bead and mirror work, appliqué and embroidery.’
    • ‘At his stall, you can pick up articles embroidered with appliqué, beadwork and silk thread.’
    • ‘They developed a distinctive symmetrical template for appliqué.’
    • ‘Now top your blanket off with a color coordinated store bought kid's appliqué or cute label.’
    • ‘She had got a beautiful dress - black with red thread appliqué and she'd also put a red rose in her hair and she'd had her hair done - she looked, actually, pretty glamorous.’
    • ‘Barbara fingered the gold and silver appliqué.’
    • ‘A generation ago, a car with vinyl on its roof and wood appliqué on the dash represented the apogee of middle-class aspiration.’
    • ‘Cashmere sweaters are his main fare combined with a flare for innovative knits made from vintage sweaters which are recut and recreated with British motifs and appliqué.’
    • ‘The baguette is still very popular, with variations in beads, denim and felt appliqué - the possibilities are endless.’
    • ‘The trend this season is for quirky bags featuring images and appliqué, with everything from dogs to garden gnomes plastered all over the front.’

verbappliqués, appliquéing, appliquéd

[with object]usually be appliquéd with
  • Decorate (a garment or larger piece of fabric) with pieces of fabric to form pictures or patterns.

    ‘the coat is appliquéd with exotic-looking cloth’
    • ‘They are made out of felted wool scraps that are appliquéd with a blanket stitch to a wool background.’
    • ‘As they were repaired, many were appliquéd with coffins, labelled with the names of departed family members.’
    • ‘The creative, well-crafted articles chosen may include not only bestsellers, such as patchwork vests and embellished sweatshirts, but also local artists' quilts and pillows appliquéd with the town's logo.’
    • ‘Her eyelashes fluttered open, and for several moments watched the ripples of the water play on the walls appliquéd with murals.’
    • ‘He even had his initials appliquéd on to the silk he wore on his helmet.’
    • ‘There are thong-styles, stiletto heels, woven bands of every width cross and wrap and appliquéd precious stones.’
    • ‘Throw in a few appliquéd elements, and your finished project will shine with textural polish.’
    • ‘It was machine appliquéd, embroidered and quilted.’
    • ‘And when the dandy highway-women turned round, there were rock-and-roll slogans appliquéd on the back.’
    • ‘From the right side, grasp the background fabric in the star center, and pinch it up and away from the appliquéd fabric underneath.’
    • ‘Some fine examples of this included her cherry blossom jersey gown with appliquéd ribbon straps and a burnt sienna crocodile top with a tulip print evening skirt.’
    • ‘Other quilts are made up of a variety of pieced and/or appliquéd blocks, and these are called ‘sampler’ Album quilts.’
    • ‘They are made of brightly colored appliquéd wool felt, with stylized nature motifs that have been passed down for generations.’
    • ‘She wears stretch jeans and a white sweatshirt with glittery appliquéd gingham teddy bears.’
    • ‘She noted the highest bid at $1,025 went to a large quilt with appliquéd roses done in a wreath in the centre.’


Mid 18th century from French, past participle of appliquer ‘apply’, from Latin applicare (see apply).