Meaning of approbatory in English:


Pronunciation /ˈaprəˌbeɪtəri/

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‘Perhaps someday it will return to Victoria's inner harbour and enlighten the city with approbatory friendly fire in greedy pursuit of our oil, gas, and fresh water.’
  • ‘The special wine stored in Odysseus's palace against his return is described in approbatory fashion as ‘aged’; and the wine that Nestor brings out in honor of Telemachos is, we are told, 11 years old.’
  • ‘Here, ‘diamond’ is approbatory, so the overall sense is ‘a good sort’.’
  • ‘In discussing the translation of his work, he was extremely approbatory.’
  • ‘Some reviewers of my book took exception to the approbatory tone in which I described this popular religion.’