Meaning of appropriately in English:


Pronunciation /əˈprəʊprɪətli/

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  • In a manner that is suitable or proper in the circumstances.

    ‘volunteers need to be approachable, calm, and able to respond appropriately’
    • ‘walls of raw concrete form a neutral yet appropriately rugged backdrop for the various objects’
    • ‘In my opinion, the book is appropriately sized for an undergraduate course.’
    • ‘Fungicides are tools that need to be used appropriately to achieve the desired result.’
    • ‘Handel festivals with appropriately big choral and orchestral forces were held.’
    • ‘The first episode was appropriately zippy and funny.’
    • ‘I guess the opening scene sets the tone appropriately.’
    • ‘Even the contact made with local government was inadequate to plan appropriately for operation and maintenance of the facility.’
    • ‘Employees spent considerable time being coached to answer auditors' questions appropriately.’
    • ‘In an appropriately modernist account, the witnesses claimed that it was clearly propelled by some kind of European technology.’
    • ‘They are expected to ensure that everyone complies with the law of the land and behaves appropriately.’
    • ‘Cases of abuse have been acknowledged, and apologies and compensation have been paid appropriately.’