Meaning of appt in English:



  • (as written abbreviation) an appointment.

    • ‘I have an appt with my accountant on Monday morning’
    • ‘one of the children has medical problems requiring lots of doctor's appts’
    • ‘I managed to book a solicitor's appt to sort out my Nan's will.’
    • ‘Woke up this morning, didn't go to school since I had dental appt.’
    • ‘I'm also going to be seeing a psychologist when I get back from my trip, as soon as I make an appt.’
    • ‘So I get to the office at 9 am and I find out my appt is at 9:30 am! Argh, how annoying.’
    • ‘Office hours: Mon & Thurs 11-12, by appt.’
    • ‘I arrived dead on time for my appt this afternoon.’
    • ‘Have her see her doctor if she has any signs of pain, especially if it's been a few months since the last appt.’
    • ‘Anyways, when my appt comes around I tell the woman that I don't think I lost any weight.’
    • ‘It is good that they pay for you to see a therapist, but for a full year they only allow 8 appts.’
    • ‘Tomorrow i've got a series of appts (two interviews, only one is for a part-time position, which is better than nothing but not great).’