Meaning of April Fool in English:

April Fool



  • 1A person who is the victim of a trick or hoax on April Fool's Day.

    ‘Don't be an April Fool - be there at 7.30 p.m. Tickets available at the door.’
    • ‘By this time I was laughing out loud as I watched their man being clearly taken for an April Fool.’
    • ‘I kept thinking this could be an April 1 spoof, like a lot of people, according to this story, it makes the company an April Fool.’
    1. 1.1A trick or hoax on April Fool's Day.
      ‘they were taken in by our April Fool’
      • ‘Some may even misinterpret this as a delayed April Fool prank.’
      • ‘We snared a few people with our April Fool prank, and saw the first signs of house-price weakness.’
      • ‘Or have I just revealed myself as the idiotic beneficiary of a belated April Fool prank?’
      • ‘Unless you're a total raving idiot, you probably weren't fooled by our last minute April Fool's prank.’
      • ‘In these earnest years, April Fool pranks have gone out of style.’
      • ‘Several EU nations, including Britain, France and Belgium have delivered their very own April Fools prank by failing to meet that self imposed deadline.’
      • ‘I can't think of any April Fools pranks or jokes, so instead, I'll post a photo which is part of a larger picture.’
      • ‘While it may be a day for April Fools, I will not be playing any practical jokes on anyone.’
      • ‘Are you sure your parents didn't plot all this behind your back as an early April Fool's trick?’
      • ‘The elaborate April Fool hoax pulled in more than 100 intrigued visitors to the village of Weeley as they flocked to see Essex's answer to Stonehenge.’
      • ‘It does seem like an April Fool but it most certainly is not.’
      • ‘The group's radical zealots may wish this were just an April Fool's joke, but it's not.’
      • ‘A reader wrote in explaining that this was actually an April Fool's Joke and that there's an explanation in the source code.’
      • ‘I thought it was an April Fool's joke, but when I rang the supervisor of the factory, I realised it was no joke.’
      • ‘I didn't believe it at first, but when it turned up in the next commercial break I had to stop rubbing my eyes in disbelief and simply accept that it was real, rather than a bizarre April Fool's joke.’
      • ‘But in case you haven't already guessed, yesterday's story about Brussels banning Yorkshire Puddings was an April Fool.’
      • ‘All I hope is that this is an April Fool's played a day too early…’
      • ‘But there's also this article, which is one of those that I might have thought would be an April Fool if it wasn't three days late.’
      • ‘Ok, once when I was about ten, I tried to play an April Fool's joke on my parents.’
      • ‘We can only speculate that it is a bizarre April Fool's joke.’