Meaning of apterous in English:


Pronunciation /ˈapt(ə)rəs/


  • (of an insect) having no wings.

    ‘The presence of a fundatrix, the numbers of soldiers, nonsoldier nymphs, apterous adults (all instars), and alates were recorded.’
    • ‘Prey items were separated into morphotypes based on order, life stage (adult/larva), and in the case of Hymenoptera, apterous or winged.’
    • ‘As originally described, Liassothrips is either a nymph or an apterous adult.’
    • ‘Four of five strains tested clearly showed staining specifically in the dorsal compartment of the wing disc, as expected for apterous expression.’
    • ‘Importantly, sexual selection favors apterous males in several natural populations of a water strider species.’


Late 18th century from Greek apteros (from a- ‘without’ + pteron ‘wing’) + -ous.