Meaning of Apulian in English:


Pronunciation /əˈpjuːlɪən/


  • Relating to or characteristic of the Italian region of Apulia or its inhabitants.

    ‘a coastguard ship on the Apulian coast’
    • ‘The two week sculpture workshop is taught by an Italian-American sculptor in an Apulian olive grove.’
    • ‘Today, Apulian estates are distinguishing themselves, profiting from unique varietals, old vines, cheap land, and an influx of winemakers.’
    • ‘Apulian pottery, however, was not typically black, and the decorations generally tended to be much more dramatic and of a clear geometric kind.’
    • ‘Most Apulian wine was shipped north in bulk, for blending into wines that needed more heft, or it was distilled.’
    • ‘In addition, sauteed long green chiles are often served in Apulian and Calabrian restaurants as a side dish.’
    • ‘Four types of milk jugs shaped like Apulian wine jugs were designed, although only one was kept in the final service.’


  • A native or inhabitant of the Italian region of Apulia.

    ‘the young Apulian overcame the difficulties he had in his first two seasons’
    • ‘Legend says Apulians built trulli because the thick stone walls kept the buildings cool in summer and warm in winter.’
    • ‘First, Apulians haven't become jaded by a crush of tourists, so they are the friendliest people I've met anywhere in the country.’
    • ‘Calabrians, Apulians and Tuscans often feel at least as strong an affiliation with their home regions as they do with the Italian state, formed only around 150 years ago.’
    • ‘Along the coast of Bari lies a city whose cathedral bell-tower was originally built without a final spire, which was then added by an Apulian.’