Meaning of aqua aura in English:

aqua aura


mass noun
  • Quartz or other mineral to which a thin film of gold has been applied, giving it a blue iridescent colour.

    ‘Types will vary from time to time and may include quartz crystal, amethyst, rose quartz, aqua aura, and others.’
    • ‘Aqua aura is quartz that has been specially treated with pure 24k gold which turns the clear quartz crystal this stunning blue iridescent color.’
    • ‘I also want some aqua aura as I'm drawn to it every time I see it, and some opal aura, I've only seen it once but I really liked it.’
    • ‘I'd love to buy him some aqua aura but the bank balance won't go that far!’
    • ‘From memory I was using a 1kg bag of gem grade rose quartz, a dakini stone, a lump of smoky quartz, a shiva lingham, some aqua-aura, 9 lumps of black tourmaline (in a wheel!) and about 20 other bits and bobs on the shelf (including some fair sized chunks of clear quartz) that were obviously contributing to the affair.’


1990s from Latin aqua ‘water’ + aura, representing Latin aurum ‘gold’.