Meaning of arabinose in English:



mass nounChemistry
  • A sugar of the pentose class which is a constituent of many plant gums.

    ‘The pretreated fiber contains sugars, mainly arabinose and xylose and some glucose.’
    • ‘The cell walls of the endosperm are composed largely of mannose, with lesser amounts of glucose, galactose and arabinose.’
    • ‘Carbon sources were either 0.2% glucose or 0.2% arabinose.’
    • ‘It is composed of galactose and arabinose molecules in a 6: 1 ratio, with a small amount of glucuronic acid.’
    • ‘It can appear in the urine of autistic children at very high levels, and the source is unclear but Shaw suggests it could be a product of breakdown of arabinose in the gut.’



/ˈarəbɪnəʊz/ /ˈarəbɪnəʊs/


Late 19th century from arabica+ -in+ -ose.