Meaning of Arabist in English:


Pronunciation /ˈarəbɪst/


  • 1A person who studies Arabic civilization or language.

    ‘Traveller, Arabist, and great Victorian outsider, Burton joined the Indian army in 1842.’
    • ‘‘Journalists on both sides make editorial decisions based on their culture,’ says Hugh Miles, an Oxford-educated Arabist and author of a recently published book.’
    • ‘He is a novelist and an Arabist whose scholarship leads him into intriguing discussions.’
    1. 1.1A person who supports Arab nationalism or political interests.
      ‘However, in a deeply philosophical sense, the actions of both the Arabists in the Arab world and the Unionists in Turkey were an expression of a larger problem: the decay and final disintegration of the Ottoman empire.’
      • ‘Napoleon hired a group of Arabs and Arabists who would translate a series of pronouncements.’
      • ‘Too bad his analysis is rejected, out of hand, by most Arabists.’
      • ‘But as they claim Arab descent and an Arab cultural identity, they make a convenient local ally for the Arabists.’


  • Relating to Arabic civilization or language.