Meaning of arachis oil in English:

arachis oil

Pronunciation /ˈarəkɪs/


another term for peanut oil
‘She was treated with gentle debridement after soaking with arachis oil, revealing normal skin underneath.’
  • ‘The Society suggests that if people are concerned, they should check the ingredients list, to see whether arachis oil or groundnut oil is listed.’
  • ‘Bleached arachis oil is manufactured in France, is nearly colourless, and almost free from taste; it has been used for adulterating lard oil and olive oil.’
  • ‘This was done to make the product consistent with the rest of the Oilatum range, none of which contains arachis oil, because it is preferable for eczema sufferers to use creams and bath products that contain the same active ingredient.’


Mid 19th century modern Latin arachis, from Greek arak(h)os, -kis, a leguminous plant.