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Pronunciation /ˌɑːbɪˈtreɪʃn/

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mass noun
  • The use of an arbitrator to settle a dispute.

    ‘Tayside Regional Council called for arbitration to settle the dispute’
    • ‘binding arbitration’
    • ‘The union is now calling for binding arbitration to settle the dispute.’
    • ‘They voted on Monday by 55 to 27 to accept a proposal of binding arbitration in the dispute.’
    • ‘Key to the deal is a compromise on arbitration to resolve disputes between growers and millers.’
    • ‘Under a joint venture contract the dispute was decided by arbitration in Quebec.’
    • ‘Management refused to allow arbitration while industrial action continued.’
    • ‘The parties agreed to refer their dispute to one Rabbi Rosner for mediation and arbitration.’
    • ‘Parliament has not abolished arbitration and litigation of construction disputes.’
    • ‘Now the tiniest household decision makes motor industry arbitration seem like a cosy chat.’
    • ‘In practice, the whole arbitration is going to have to be reopened and probably re-pleaded.’
    • ‘Claims can be settled via mutual consent, by arbitration or by a court award.’
    • ‘Seventy percent of all arbitrations are settled before the hearing, and an experienced attorney will know how to best negotiate a fair settlement.’
    • ‘One of the terms of the contract is that, in the event of dispute, the claim must be referred to arbitration.’
    • ‘Our conversation ended well enough, and he did suggest arbitration if I wanted it.’
    • ‘The two sides have agreed to take the matter to arbitration to avoid expensive legal costs.’
    • ‘It is beyond dispute that the arbitration in this case was governed by the Arbitration Act.’
    • ‘It then urged the union to involve the government arbitration service, Acas.’
    • ‘The usual practice is to resolve problems through arbitration, it says.’
    • ‘Indeed, such persons might be dissuaded from arbitration under the supervision of the English court.’
    • ‘The arbitration continued and is now concluded except for the arbitrator's award.’
    • ‘As in litigation, contract breach and damages must also be proved in arbitration.’
    adjudication, mediation, mediatorship, negotiation, conciliation, intervention, interceding, interposition, peacemaking, peacebuilding
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    go to arbitration
    • Use an arbitrator to settle a dispute.

      ‘the trust and consortium are likely to go to arbitration’
      • ‘Now compensation matters will be dealt with in Sydney using an administrative tribunal, with disputes going to arbitration.’
      • ‘The threat of industrial action by gas engineers was lifted last night after both sides in a pay dispute agreed to go to arbitration.’
      • ‘The dispute went to arbitration in April and a final decision isn't expected before next summer.’
      • ‘If the question goes to arbitration, the arbitrator's duty is to determine the amount of compensation payable.’
      • ‘If this proves impossible, and if trade or competition are affected, a dispute may go to arbitration.’
      • ‘The airport had offered to go to arbitration earlier in the dispute.’
      • ‘You've probably already agreed to go to arbitration in case of a dispute with your broker.’
      • ‘The case eventually went to arbitration, and a panel of judges awarded residents a settlement of $333 million dollars, 40 percent of which went to the lawyers.’
      • ‘Ms Brody added: ‘I have made a payment to Mrs Peak after going to arbitration and no liability has been admitted.’’
      • ‘If they are still unhappy with the second valuation, they should seriously consider going to arbitration.’
      • ‘The Council can carry on without agreement and if agreement is not reached it will go to arbitration.’
      • ‘The judge said the closings would violate existing labor contracts, and that the city's budget cutting plans would have to go to arbitration.’
      • ‘I told him in May, after I had found a new job and still within my 30 day suspension originally given, that I wanted the case to go to arbitration.’
      • ‘They were unable to take court action as they had agreed in the contract they signed with Oak Lodge to go to arbitration.’
      • ‘Legal sources suggested this weekend that the parties to the contract may have to go to arbitration to resolve the issues that are likely to arise between them.’
      • ‘Weinbaum challenged the tenure denial, and the case went to arbitration.’
      • ‘The case went to arbitration in New York and had the potential to be a groundbreaking win for teams.’
      • ‘The workers, members of the Unison union, took industrial action and went to arbitration.’
      • ‘Only two women have actually gone to arbitration in the case.’
      • ‘This can pose problems at rent review, particularly if a case goes to arbitration.’